Tuesday, March 8, 2011


goodluck jonathan President Goodluck Jonathan now second most popular President on Facebook

Nine months ago, President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria joined the popular social networking site,Facebook. In just 12 days, the President attracted about 100,000 fans, a number that soon accelerated to its present number of 500, 470 plus fans.
Though the rate of growth markedly decelerated after the heady first weeks, his current Facebook fan base number is quite astonishing as it is second only to that of United States’ President, Barack Obama among World Presidents on Facebook. (Barack Obama is King of Facebook among Presidents with about 18.5 million fans. Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan comes in second and President Nicholas Sarkozy of France comes in third with about 403,000 fans).

With only about 3 million home based Nigerians on Facebook (according to official Facebookstatistics), it is quite phenomenal that the country’s President has been able to attract a significant percent of this following. Granted, there are likely many Diasporans in the mix, but it goes without saying that majority of his fans are Nigerians in Nigeria.
At CP-Africa, we are most passionate about discussing and analyzing positive trends about the continent. One thing is clear; Nigeria is a high growth social media market with passionate social media adopters. We can’t wait to see the phenomenal growth that will occur in this space in the coming years!

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